Minimalist Home Floor Plan 2

In practice, minimalist 2-storey house plan is needed to facilitate the distribution of rooms in the house. Naturally, house plans, including the very important components for building or renovating a house. In this case the plan needs to be understood that the construction or renovation can be run more efficiently, so that the budget will be spent can be minimized. Make a floor plan we can begin to determine the location of the spaces in the house including the living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, as well as other important area.

Gambar Ide Dari Denah Rumah Minimalis 2 Lantai

If the floor plan has been determined, at least we’ve got the idea of the house as a whole, making it easier to build, renovate or add to the structure of the house. One example is when we want to increase the electrical installation, if we already know the plan of the house, while the cable-specific section of track, the installation process is also easier, organized, and comprehensive. Because the design tastes of each person is different, so the plan will be created can also be adjusted to taste, including 2-storey house plan.

Narrow Land Design More Complicated

Make a house plan is certainly not an easy job, especially for a minimalist home. Because many challenges that must be passed with regard to the design of the system. Keep in mind every land has its advantages and disadvantages of each his own, but for the minimalist aspect of the land area is a serious problem. But at least the realization of homes and organizations within the area defined by the fact that the land in spite of the various measures that exist in a minimalist house plans 2 floor or first floor.

Based on analysis of common, usually ground to second floor houses a minimalist plan is elongated and tend to narrow that requires us to create a parallel structure ie from front to back. And to obtain an optimal layout, ladders are used not elongated thick, it is intended that the empty area under the stairs can be used for storage space.
Minimalist Tiered Plan First Floor

For a minimalist storey house plans, the first floor is ideal for applying an open-space design, for example, between the living room and family room partitions is not restricted. Especially for the room, including the kitchen, dining area and bathroom, complete with a glass wall separated in a small garden pond. Do not forget at the top of a small garden area designed by voide shape (holes) to penetrate the roof. This design is intended for lighting voide circulation and natural air circulation so that the home side are still partners in the supply of light and fresh air and natural.
Minimalist Tiered Plan Second Floor

For the second floor of a minimalist home, ideally made with a maximum two-bedroom unit, which is the main bedroom and Kamr sleeping child. If the area of the building allows us to create a design for a bathroom in each room. To separate the master bedroom and bedroom designed voide children as in 1. The net floor area or a drying area located at the back like the minimalist house plan 2 floor. Because there voide and drying area automatically each room has openings facing outward. By itself room on the 1st floor and 2nd floor rooms got light distribution and enough air.

2 minimalist house floor plans In addition to defining the structure of the house is also discussing the facade of the house. Given the multi-storey house was built using the concept of minimalism, the design of the facade (front) house should also be minimal. The facade is ideal to use a little color to white and gray to give the impression of a minimalist more viscous. To add more artistic designs, natural stone materials can be added on each side.

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Minimalist 1 Floor Plan

We can not assume that making a minimalist house plans 1 floor is an easy job without determining first scheme. Although only one floor for a minimalist home though, if it is not guided by a plan that has been determined, it will be difficult to realize the exact shape of the house according keinginginan. Why minimalist house floor plan first floor so important? Because the plans that have been made, we can easily find out the various ins and outs of the house including the size of each room in it. That way we can know how much the building materials we need and how to budget range we have to prepare. Regardless of any type or form of the house, the house plans affect the determination of the structure of the building, the total budget, and elements of the house as a whole.

Denah Rumah Minimalis 1 Lantai Yang Elegant

The process of building a home should be done gradually. First we need to make a plan in the form of drawings or sketches which contains specifications include number of rooms, size of the room, and the room layout. All must be clearly defined in order to facilitate the process. What we need to remember, making house plans must go through the calculations and considerations, because once there is an error in the plan will affect the shape of the house itself.

Minimalist Design House 1 floor

After a determined house plans then we can work on the next stage which is the stage where that makes the design of the house. Minimalist house design can usually be easily found in the print media or the internet, but it can also be a sketch or Moke-up offered by the developer. In this case many design variations that we can choose and of course the developers will give a detailed explanation about the form, the model, as well as the building materials used when we do not understand the concept of a minimalist home design.
Colors and Theme Minimalist 1 floor

In a minimalist house floor issue is in the plan and determination, many people are still not sure about the color or theme of the house that will be selected. In the end they chose a safe way to apply a neutral white color tends, though seem monotonous and boring. Actually, the choice of colors we can consult with experts who understand the system architecture of the interior and exterior of the house in terms of coloring, so we do not always rely on white as the dominant color. Inspirasiwarna home can also be viewed via the website on the internet that we can access it for free.
Interior Design Minimalist House 1 floor

The interior design of the room is a part of the house that is not less important than other parts. One is a family room, a combination of black and gray we can choose for the dominant color in this room. The color combination of black and gray and highlighted the practical minimalist concept, is also able to present a comfortable atmosphere so that the living room can be maximized according to its function. This means that all residents feel comfortable and relaxed in it gathered. Collaboration black and gray we can apply the options and small sofa cushions as a sweetener. In addition, the lights also need to be placed strategically position. Should we avoid using lights too bright can reduce the comfort of the people around him.
Minimalist Bedroom 1 floor

Minimalist house floor plan of the floor is not separated from the importance of bedroom design. Since implementing the concept of minimalist house, it should be for the bedroom we use soft colors combined with bright colors. General lighting factors also influence the activity in the room. For example there are difficulties to sleep if the lights are too bright, or vice versa. So for the lighting in the bedroom should be determined by the room itself. Essentially only the owner of a bedroom which could determine the capacity of the lighting in the bedroom so guarantee comfort can be obtained.

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Alas, Women’s Dirt Gouging hard as stone From navel

Maintain cleanliness of the body not only be done by way of a bath every day, but also clean the parts of the body that is unattainable by hand, such as parts of the sidelines of the elbows, behind the knees, navel hole even ear hole.
copyright by Jamie Davis

But it seems this has not been considered by a woman named Jamie Davis. as quoted, a woman from Oklahoma is just gouging turns rock-hard dirt that covered her navel recently.

Jamie Davis admitted that the dirt had been there since six months ago and grew to the surface of the navel. At first he claimed his navel no pain at all until he finally have swollen because of the object.

copyright by Jamie Daviscopyright by Jamie Davis

Finally he decided to take a tanned body covering the hole of the navel. But he could not take it because it hurt. But with the help of her sister, hard objects that can be lifted with a feather extraction tool.

It took 10 minutes to be able to revoke this thing and revocation also documented through a video. Some people say that this possibility is Omphalolith, hardening of sebum and keratin that builds up inside the belly button.

copyright by Jamie Daviscopyright by Jamie Davis

Omphalolith itself often occurs in people with a hole in the navel. Initially it does not cause pain, but if you already have an infection, the stomach will ache. And dirt buildup can be caused by a lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the body.

Although he has yet to see a doctor to find out if they experienced Omphalolith this is indeed true, but he admitted that his health has now improved. There was no pain anymore. Well, do not let this happen to you yes ladies.

Sell Home by Setting a Realistic Price

You are attached to your home. It has been your personal space for long. And, it is with a heavy heart that you have decided to sell your home. You feel an emotional connection to it, and that is why, you think it is the best home in the world and hence justify your personal estimate. You should not be surprised if your home remains in the real estate market for longer than the estimated time and find yourself constantly revising your estimates.

Pricing your home is an exercise that demands limited emotional connectivity. It is important to have a realistic estimate if you want to attract multiple offers and exercise control over the final rates. Fixing a realistic estimate is a task that demands a lot of homework. It does help to engage the services of an appraiser to fix a price for your domicile. But your responsibility does not end there. You have to remain involved in the process of pricing to sell home profitably.


While the age of the property is a definite consideration, location also exercises control over the pricing. For example, the estimates can increase if your home has close connectivity with basic amenities like schools, hospitals, markets and transport. Also factors like dividing lines, physical barriers, corner plots etc. can exercise control on the pricing. While fixing the estimates to sell home, you can also include the amenities and upgrades that you have carried out while comparing your home with other similar properties. For example your home with two baths may be pegged at a higher value than a similar property with only one bath.

It is also advisable that you read the real estate market closely if you are entertaining hopes of making a good deal. While a buyer’s market leaves you the scope to negotiate a good price, in a seller’s market you can justify a marginal increase in the estimates. In a neutral market, you have to set a price as against the last comparable sale of a similar property and then fine tune it to the trends of the market. The rule of the thumb is that a good estimate will invite multiple offers, which in turn will make your property attractive for the sellers. This in turn, will push up the estimate.

For achieving a realistic estimate when you want to sell home, you must check the property rates in your locality, and if possible, do a comparative market analysis for similar properties. This will help you to estimate your home in terms of realistic figures. It is also useful to check up listings of similar deals in your locality and analyze the reasons for their success or failure. This will help you form a good idea of what is actually ‘selling’ in your locality and fix the estimates accordingly. – Jual Rumah Kendal

Tips For Working With an Interior Design & Real Estate Consultancy Firm

A property consultancy firm can help clients handle all aspects of a real estate project. If you’re in England, for instance, you might hire a property consultancy firm for a refurbishment that has requirements for architects, contractors, and even a London interior design professional. From property management to expansions to redesigning the interiors, a consultancy firm will provide all of the manpower needed to complete the project. The best part about a management company is the ability to work with clients from all over the world. A firm can even help manage investment properties for international clients who don’t have the capability to check in with their properties.


These businesses work with a variety of partners in order to complete projects. Most firms hire architects, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and interior designers. In some instances a contractor or designer will be an employee of the consultancy firm and in other instances the consultancy managers will hire outside professionals for a project. Either way, clients are assured that the consultants will handle the hiring and managing process of contractors.

Management of Contractors and Architects

When an investor tries to refurbish or build a real estate project on their own, many times it is overwhelming. A project manager takes the guesswork out of hiring the right person by working with a set group of talented contractors or having connections with people who can provide optimal services.

When an investor hires a consultancy firm to oversee a project, they are ultimately trusting that the firm will bring in the appropriate people to finish the project. And if a contractor doesn’t meet the client’s needs, it’s the firm’s responsibility to change contractors and make the necessary arrangements to finish the project on time. It’s also the firm’s responsibility to ensure that all London contractors and London interior design professionals work well together at completing the project.

Interior Design Specialists

Depending on the scope of the project, a firm may decide to utilise an interior design specialist instead of an architect. Degreed interior designers are able to handle blueprints and help design small layouts. Using an interior designer in lieu of an architect not only saves money but can decrease overall project time.

How Management Firms Work

A firm will get all of the information for a project and then take bids from their contractors and other workers. Once the bids are in, the firm will discuss all aspects of the project with the client, including timeline, cost, and ideas. Then the agency will work out the details with the design professionals and begin work. The consultant should stay in touch with the client to let them know how the project is going and if they are having any problems or won’t meet the estimated completion date. Once the project is complete, the firm will work with the London interior design professional, the contractors, and the architect to complete any revision requests. –Arsitek Interior